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Hongxin Baccarat was established in Curacao and has obtained a legal business license issued by the local government. The Curacao government is also one of the trustworthy regulatory agencies in the online gambling industry. This license also ensures that the platform complies with the safety regulations of all gambling services. and fair rules.
Hongxin Baccarat provides players from all over the world to participate in real online gambling games. With hundreds of well-trained professional beauty croupiers, real casino environment, 24-hour live video game baccarat, speed baccarat, dragon tiger, roulette, color disc, Sic Bo and other diverse live video games , Stable high-end equipment and professional technical support ensure the stable operation of the platform and give players a wonderful experience as if they are in the scene. No matter where the player is currently, they can enjoy the fun of online live games at any time 365 days a year. .

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A table game in which winners and losers are determined by the size of the cards.
The size of the cards is not compared to the suit, but only to the points. K is the largest card, and A is the smallest.


The croupier will hand out two cards of "banker" and "player". Baccarat formula skills: see the banker and the banker, see the player and the player, see jump and jump, lose three and stop, lose five and win six, stop at five and five .


The roulette usually has 37 or 38 numbers, and the dealer is responsible for beading the bead on the side of the rotating roulette, and then the number that the bead lands on the grid is the winning number.


Color plate method: The croupier puts 4 red and white buttons into the plate, covers the bowl and shakes the plate up and down; after completing the shaking plate action, it is placed on the screen for members to place bets, and payouts are made according to the results.



​Multi-table road map at a glance

For those who often play baccarat, multi-table betting is not only a magic tool for running water, but also wins and loses very quickly. When luck is good, you can win what you bet.


It is generally called betting size, a method of gambling with dice; the most common bet is to buy the size of the dice points, so it is often called buying size. The game time is short and earn faster than other games.


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